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Eat More Vegetables

Recently, I learned that if you eat more vegetables, you wind up with more cans that you can use for crafting!  Yay!

It's a win-win in my opinion.  My body becomes healthier because I'm giving it more of the vital nutrients it needs, -PLUS- , I get some mind therapy when I get out the spray-paint!  Saves me a trip to not one, but two doctors, and I highly recommend it!

And so I say, eat more vegetables (the canned kind)!  I'm not a doctor...but then again...I'm not sure if whoever said, "an apple a-day, keeps the doctor away," was really a doctor either.  Regardless, I don't think eating more apples has ever hurt anyone, and turning these four cans of canned corn into cutesy floral arrangements sure didn't hurt me!

Here's what you do:

The image above technically starts us off at step three.  Step one is simply, eat some canned vegetables, save the cans, and rinse them out.  For this project, you will need a can for each of the letters you plan to use (stating the obvious, I know).

Step two, is spray paint the cans.  I chose to paint them white, but you could have a lot of fun with the colors too.  

That leaves us here, at step three.

For step three, cut enough ribbon to wrap around the can (I actually cut the ribbon a little bit longer, just to be safe).

Next, use a stencil and some craft-paint (I used acrylic) to stencil the letters onto the ribbon.

Next, use double-sided tape to attach the ribbons to the cans.

I also folded over the end of the ribbon, so that it looked like a finished edge.  The double-sided tape held everything securely.

Now, you could just use the cans like this to hold various items, but I wanted to make them into floral arrangements, so I found some flowers at Michaels ($2.00 each), and I used some of the left-over leaves and foam from this project that I finished a few months ago.

Start with the foam at the bottom of the can...

Cut your flowers to size, and then stick them into the foam for placement.  If you don't like the way the arrangement is coming together, try moving the items around, using different angles, and making adjustments as needed.

When everything is finished, you'll wind up with some cans that are much too pretty to be holding corn!

Depending on what supplies you have, this project is really inexpensive too.  Here's what it took to get the job done:

  • 4 cans of corn (already sitting in the pantry)
  • Not even a full can of spray paint (already had)
  • Ribbon (I spent $6.00, but there are cheaper ribbons out there)
  • Craft paint (already had)
  • Paint brush or sponge (already had)
  • Floral foam (already had)
  • Flowers (already had the foliage, but paid $2.00 for each of the flowers)
  • Total=$8.00+$6.00=$14.00/4 = $3.50 per can.

I don't even feel like that is a 100% accurate price, because I only used a small portion of the ribbon, and then I used the rest of it on other projects...but I'll let you decide.

What else have you guys used canned vegetables for?  Does this project make you want to eat more vegetables?  Spill the beans...(and then paint the can they came in! haha!)

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