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Grill It!

Happy Father's Day everyone!

I hope that each of you have had some time to say thank you to all of the dads out there making a difference to their families.

While it was tempting to get the standard Father's Day tie, or perhaps splurge on some Father's Day socks, I actually decided to go for a themed-out gift basket for my dad.

My dad happens to be a BBQ man.  In fact, he had a massive BBQ pit installed in our back yard.  You know those big concrete tunnels that they often use on children's playgrounds...

...yeah, there's one of those down in the ground in my parent's back yard.  It's kinda my dad's thing, and each year at Thanksgiving time my dad fires up the pit and BBQ's around 80 turkeys for families in the community.

(Sorry if some of these pictures are blurry.  I stole...I mean, borrowed them from my dad's facebook page.  Thanks dad!)

But since using the BBQ pit is such a large production, unfortunately, the pit typically goes unused for 363 days out of the year (bummer!).  So, in the spirit of outdoorsy entertaining to honor my dad, I came up with a gift basket centered around the BBQ's less complicated counter-part--grilling!

After a trip to Ross and a trip to Wal-Mart, here are the goodies I wound up with:

In case you can't see (this photo only captures some items), here is the breakdown:

  • Mesquite smoking BBQ chips
  • Hickory smoking BBQ chips
  • Grill it cookbook
  • Skewers
  • Stainless steel seasoning shakers
  • An aluminum pan
  • Two different types of BBQ sauce
  • Glass jars (one really big one, and some canning jars)
  • Grilling utensils (spatula, tongs, and seasoning brush)
  • Lighting fluid & lighter
  • Paper plates and plastic cups
  • Bandanas (for embellishment)

I started to arrange the basket by placing one of the bandanas at the bottom of the aluminum pan.

Next, I filled the glass jars with the smoking chips.

After the chips were in the jars, I did a test run for the basket to see how everything would fit and found that only three jars of the hickory chips would fit. Oh well, I guess Mark and I will have to have to put them to good use (shucks)!

I wanted to add some height and dimension to the basket, so I used the seasoning shakers to hold the skewers, and tucked the lids of the shakers beneath the plastic cups in the back corner of the basket.

Now you see them...

Now you don't...

When everything was in the basket it was starting to come together.

But, it still needed a little more pizzaz...so...I took one of the extra bandanas and cut it into 1 inch strips, and used the strips to tie around the items in the basket.

Then I wrapped the utensils in the third (and final) bandana that I had.

Just roll it up like you would a napkin...and there you have it--a grilling themed gift basket!

One little tip on this basket would be to be careful when you move it around.  Make sure you lift it up from the bottom or else the aluminum will bend out of shape from the weight of the items inside.  Otherwise, it's an easy-peasy project!

So, what about you guys?  How did you honor your dads for Father's Day?  What are some of your favorite things about your dad?  I hope it was great for each of you!

And to my dad, if you read this post, thanks for caring so much about your two girls.  You always encouraged us to be ourselves, and you love us for who we are.  Love you!


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