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Mirrors, Mirrors, on the Wall

Give me three cans of spray-paint and two cans of primer, and I'll give you a simple makeover project in just a few hours!

This was a busy weekend, but I wanted to at least finish a little project for the guest bedroom.  I mentioned my plans for the mirrors in the guest bedroom in my video tour yesterday, but rather than just leave the mirror transformation to your imaginations, I figured I would just "get er' done" (in the words of Larry the Cable Guy).

I found these mirrors last fall during a holiday shopping excursion at Big Lots. I was actually looking for some Christmas decorations, but instead, I came across these mirrors for $10.00 each.

Right now, they are serving as a temporary headboard in the guest bedroom, but eventually I plan to use them over the dressing table. 

You probably noticed that the mirrors are already green, and you might ask, "isn't green your accent color for the guest bedroom?"  Well, the answer is yes.  Green is my accent color, however, the tone of the color of these mirrors is not exactly what I'm shooting for.   I plan to use more vibrant greens throughout the room (like the color used in my lamp transformation project).  So, with that being said...the plan for these mirrors was to paint them white.

I started the process by prepping the mirrors for paint...

I used some newspaper and frog tape to cover the mirror...

Next, I prepped a table out in the garage and got to work.  I took note from my lamp-transformation project and remembered to stay away from the Krylon paint.  Instead, I used my favorite brand, Rustoleum.

(On a side note...I thought that the Target add would be a great way to remind everyone about the gift card giveaway.  Deadline is July 10th for your entry.  What are you waiting for?  Click here for details.)

First I coated each mirror with primer...

...and then with a high-gloss paint.

I also made sure to allow the paint to fully dry in-between coats (I learned my lesson), which helped this project to go down without any drama!

After everything had dried...take a look:

Bit-by-bit, the guest bedroom is turning into the vision that I see.  With just a few minor changes, the room feels 10X's more enjoyable!  You can see where I started with this room by clicking here, and see the updates I've made, here, and here.

The next step for me is going to be selling the furniture I'm not wanting to keep.  I'm hoping that I can get rid of enough stuff to purchase some of the furniture pieces that I need.  One of the first pieces I would like to buy is the Besta Burs desk from Ikea that I plan to use as the dressing table.  I have my eyes set on this purchase first so that I can finally put my refurbished lamps where they belong!

I've got a few more projects up my sleeve for the guest bedroom, but that's it for now.  What projects have you all been working on?  Has anyone done any refinishing lately?  Send me the details of your latest project, or leave me a suggestion for a project you would like to see completed.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

PS...I posted an update on who's in the lead for my Membership Giveaway.  Click here for details.

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