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M.I.A. (Maybe I'll Adjust)

Alright...I confess, it's been a little while since I last posted...and when I say a little while, I actually mean an entire week.  Yep.   Missing in action for 7 whole days.  I'm not necessarily trying to bring attention to my short-comings, but rather explain that this has been one heck of a week!

Maybe someday I'll adjust to the crazy things life throws our way...

While I've "been out," there have been a few interesting things that I've been up to that are worthy of a mention on the good ol' blog.  First, I made some saaweeet buys on Craigslist this week from a wonderful lady named Debbie. 

Debbie and her mother live right next door to each other, and apparently they are going to be moving to Prescott and combining their households.  Or, in other words...they need to sell a lot of stuff!

One thing to know about me, when I can't sleep I don't count sheep.  Instead, I sometimes browse Craigslist for the latest and greatest.  Most of the the time I don't find much of anything, but last Sunday at 11:30 pm, I stumbled upon these posts...

A multi-purpose cabinet for $75.00...

...and an old-fashioned rocking chair for $50.00.

I've been on the look-out for some furniture pieces that I could make over and thought these two might just be the ones.  Little did I know, both items were being sold by my Craigslist friend Debbie.  It wasn't until Debbie and I started to email back and forth about the items that I realized this would be a one-stop-shopping experience.

All of this was fine-and-dandy, but the coolest part of this entire shopping spree took place while Mark and I were picking the items up.  While everything was being loaded up, Debbie asked, "You don't by chance need a dining table do you?"

At first I was hesitant (because we already had our main dining table, and I had some thing very particular in mind for the nook table), but then Debbie showed me this...

...and then she said, "you tell me what you think it's worth."

I could have sworn that the Craigslist angels were smiling down on me, and at that moment they decided to sing!  Another $75.00 for the table set, and we were on our way.  Thanks Debbie!

As with many things that make their first appearance on this blog, you'll just have to trust in the vision I have for these items.  The cabinet is going to receive a makeover to become either a china cabinet in the nook or a linen closet in the laundry room (haven't decided yet).  The rocking chair is going to get a makeover with new paint and upholstery to make it more modern, and I plan to refinish the table on the dinette and change out the chairs.

You'll have to stay tuned!

The other big thing this last week was the three-day weekend!  I've been hinting for the past few weeks that my Memorial Day weekend would be spent with a gallon of paint and a roller.  I didn't lie, I just didn't get a chance to post. 

Though the room is still not done, I thought I would give you guys a sneak-peak into the guest bedroom paint makeover:

I actually ran out of paint (and energy) this weekend, so unfortunately it's going to be a few more days before I get the opportunity to finish everything up.  On the bright side, you can see where I'm going with the room.  The first picture is of the wall that gets the most sunlight in the room.  You can see how the paint appears lighter, but then it looks darker on the other walls in the room.

I'm loving the way the paint is turning out, and I can't wait to share the details with everyone next weekend. 

Each time I look around my home I see tons of things that need work, but I'm excited to see the progress that has been made in just the short period of time that I've been keeping this blog!  I think someday I will look back at all of this and wonder how it was possible to get from point A to point B in such a short period of time.

Until then, I'll just keep filling my home with the things that I love!

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