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Get Outdoors!

Temperatures are rising, which means it's time to get outdoors!  Here are some ideas to liven up your outdoor space, so your BBQ's are the best on the block!  Keep your space bright and inviting by using some vibrant and entertaining colors.  This Inspiration Board features bright yellows, greens, and blues that scream, "let's get this party started!"

1.  This long-rectangular table from the Crate & Barrel ($509.15) Alfresco collection will create the ultimate outdoor dining space.  It stretches 78.5" long, which gives you room for 8-10 guests, plus it's UV protected, rust-proof, and even looks like real wood.

2.  This chair from CB2.com ($99.95) in an energetic yellow will make your outdoor dining area the focal point of your outdoor space.  Another option to get a similar look would be to use a finished chair that matches your table, with yellow cushions, or throw pillows.

3.  This umbrella from Crate & Barrel ($109.65) will cast some shade, while adding some color.

4.  This beverage tub from Pier 1 Imports ($69.95) will be great for serving drinks to your guests...or take another spin with this item and use it as a planter for a summer patio garden.

5.  Who doesn't want a swing in their yard?  If you've got somewhere to hang a swing, I say go for it!  Try this one from Uncommon Goods ($120.00). 

6.  This 6'7"x6'7" rug from Ikea ($79.99) reminds me of a summer picnic.  If you're pairing this rug with this table, consider placing it on a diagonal beneath the center of the table, or purchase two of these rugs and pair them together to accomodate the full length of the table.

7.  Combine these placemats from Pier 1 Imports ($4.95) in alternating settings to tie in multiple colors of your scheme.  Be creative with the settings themselves, and perhaps use limes and lemons to top things off.

8.  These bird candles from Pier 1 Imports ($5.95) add personality and charm.  Group them together with #9 for a complimentary arrangement.

9.  This perch candlepot from Crate & Barrel ($7.95) adds style and ambiance to your outdoor table setting.  Group this item together with #8 for a complimentary arrangement.  (PS...Crate & Barrel also has a matching planter for $19.95)

10.  This lazy-susan from Uncommon Goods ($170) is a fun way to display food and beverages, or place a large floral arrangement in the center to create a centerpiece.

11.  These lanterns from Pier 1 Imports are a great way to add color throughout your yard.  Priced at $12.50 (set of three), you can hang them from any trees or architectural structures around the yard.  These lanterns are battery operated, so you won't need a power source to light them up!

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