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Inspired by LaShawn

This past week my friend LaShawn and I were talking about some of the ideas we have for decorating our homes.  She mentioned to me that she had been wanting to use the colors purple, black, and silver in either her living room or her bedroom, but she was still debating about the two.

I thought her color scheme idea was fantastic, so I started to throw together a few things to hopefully inspire the rest of you! 

Purple can sometimes be a difficult color to work with, simply because you really have to dig around to find accessories to tie in.  To help you out, I've summarized this Inspiration Board below:

1.  The color scheme for this room is gray, black, white, silver, and purple.  Because the scheme features the bold color of purple, I would recommend painting the walls in a soft gray with white baseboards and trim.  I know that I use the color gray quite frequently, but it really has become the new beige.  It's safe, it's soothing, and it's neutral.

2.  For the sofa, try out a charcoal gray fabric, like the fabric found on this sofa from CSNstores.com ($990.00)

3.  Use an upholstered piece of furniture, similar to this chaise lounge from World Market ($599.00), to bring in a focal point.  Using your accent color for the fabric will direct the attention of your guests directly to the comfortable seating arrangement you have created.

4.  This rug from Shades of Light offers a simple pattern, a soft/neutral color, and also ties in the white accents you will be using throughout the space.  It's priced at $269.00 for a 5x8 foot rug.

5.  Reflective surfaces, such as the mirrors on this side table from West Elm ($199.00) bring in the silver accents within this scheme.  You can also use metal finishes in chrome and satin nickel for this element as well.  Mirrors also reflect light, which adds dimension and interest to the space.

6.  To ensure your room does not wind up looking matchy-matchy, use a side table like the Libby side table from World Market ($139.00).  This table not only brings in the black color within this scheme, it also has some curve to the legs, which softens the overall feeling of the space.

7.  Rather than use a standard coffee table, use an upholstered ottoman in your accent color purple.  Similar to this ottoman from World Market ($89.99).  This ottoman is actually intended to be paired with the chaise lounge mentioned above, but breaking up the set and using the pieces independently will create a custom look, and create unity within the space.

8.  I love the Mariposa line from ZGallerie!  This lamp ($269.00) remains modern, yet still brings a touch of traditional design lines into the room.  By playing up these lines with other accessories (like #12) from the Mariposa series, you can incorporate a touch of Hollywood Glam into your space. 

9.  When placing your accessories, really keep contrast in mind.  A good place to start is to determine the statement you would like each piece to make.  Because the side tables for the sofa will be black, choose a lamp that brings in the silver accents, as well as the white, like this lamp from JC Penny ($69.99).  This allows the lamp and the table to work independently, while also working well together.

10.  This pendant from Shades of Light ($199.00) can be used as a ceiling mount, or can be attached to a ceiling fan to add sophistication to the space.  Take note that the shades on all of the light fixtures on the Inspiration Board are very similar in color and shape.  By maintaining consistency in the details, you can use different pieces and still create that "came as a set," feeling.

11.  Because we're using a charcoal gray here, use white and silvery pillows to enhance the comfort of the sofa.  These pillow covers from Inhabit Living are actually a bit pricey ($45.00), but a cheaper solution would be to look for similar fabrics and create your own pillow covers.  But, if you don't feel like rolling out your sewing machine, keep your eyes peeled at stores like Wal-Mart, Ross, TJ Maxx, and Target for similar patterns and textures. 

12.  While you don't want everything within the room to match exactly, it never hurts to have a few pieces that are from a set.  Spreading a few pieces here-and-there throughout the room will act as the finishing touch.  These canisters from the Mariposa series ($35.00-$90.00 depending on size) will match the Mariposa lamp in color and style.  Use the lamp in one side of the room, and strategically place the canisters on the other.

13.  To jazz up the table surfaces throughout the room, throw in pops of purple by using accessories like these candles from ZGallerie ($19.95).

14.  These prints from my Imagekind gallery ($10.44 for an 8x11 print) would look great above the charcoal sofa that we selected for this space.  Also, by using a white mat, and black frame, you will incorporate other elements of the scheme without breaking a sweat.

15.  I forgot to put the number on the board, but these purple suede curtains from Overstock.com ($39.99) work well within this scheme, however, they're not the concrete solution.  The curtain choice will depend on your furniture arrangement.  If you wind up placing the chaise lounge right next to a window, look for a curtain panel that will not compete with the purple upholstery of the furniture piece.  However, if the chaise is on the other side of the room, these curtains are perfect!

If you use this Inspiration Board for one of your projects, please be sure to send some photographs of the finished product, and reference Inspiration Board 1005. 

Here are a few other Inpiration Boards for you to check out, but you can also find them posted in the Idea Center where you can search by room, or by color

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