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Honey, I Think We Killed It

I almost titled this post, "We Killed Our First Child," but two things interfered.  One:  Mark and I don't have any children, but some readers may not know that...and Two: I thought it wasn't worth the risk to have the police show up at our door because of a poorly thought-out attempt at sarcasm.

Besides, I'm only referring to the tree in our front yard.  It just feels like it was our first child because it was one of the first things we ever brought back home after moving in.  I can still remember the moment we laid eyes on that little guy.  Talk about a pull of the heart-strings!

Too much?  Yeah...I thought so too.

We'll call our first little tree Jack, since he was a Jacaranda.  He was meant to grow tall and strong, just like this guy...

...but as you can see, Jack didn't even make it through his first year.  Sob.

We planted Jack in late June, or early July of last year.  He was actually purchased to replace the dead tree that was already in the front yard when we bought the house (we bought our house as a foreclosure, so the tree hadn't been watered in months). 

I hate to admit it, but we actually purchased Jack because of a letter that we received one day that read something like this:

"Dear Mark and Kelli, Your plants are dead.  There are weeds in your yard.  Fix it, or pay us money.  Love, Your HOA, xoxoxo, BFF."

Okay.  That's not exactly what the letter said...but it had the same general points.

So what killed our poor little Jack?  Well, this past winter there were a few nights that dropped below freezing, and our little tree was not yet prepared to take on weather like this. Try as we may, we could not bring our beloved tree back to life again, so we decided to find a new tree.

We thought it would be better to replace the tree in the spring so that our new tree would have a bit more time to establish itself before the winter freezes came.  Plus, we didn't want to get another love letter from our HOA, so yesterday, when Mark picked me up from work (we're carpooling. go green. yay.) there was a little surprise in the back seat.  Well...more like "the back."

Meet Shamel, a Shamel Ash, and the newest addition at our place.

It was pretty interesting getting her home, and can I just tell everyone that hauling a tree on the freeway is not very popular around here.  I think we made some people pretty angry, but we made it home in the end.

It's times like these when I become extremely happy about driving a Jeep...going to the gas station, on the other hand, is another story that we won't talk about.

We're hoping that Shamel will have pleanty of time to adjust to the Arizona climate, put down some roots, and become established before next winter.

We were told by the worker at the plant nursery that Shamel Ash trees are similar to the Jacuranda, but that they establish themselves much more quickly and do better in this climate. 

If that's true, then before you know it, our front yard will look something like this:

ha.ha. I wish! Okay, maybe just the tree will look something like this.

The good news of this entire story is that our tree, Jack did actually leave us something to remember him by.  Take a closer look at that picture posted above:

For now, we've planted Baby Jack in the bucket that Shamel came in.  If all goes well, we plan on planting the little treeling in the back yard.  We're crossing our fingers!

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Reader Comments (2)

You could try planting seeds and watching them grow into trees. It does take a lot longer to see the seed grow, but it's more fulfilling too... and I don't own a Jeep, so it saves the cost of hiring a truck.

April 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNitin Reddy Katkam

I love the idea! I was actually very excited about the little tree for that exact reason. I'd like to see if we can get it to grow in the backyard. The only problem is we aren't ready to tackle the backyard yet, so we're going to have to keep it alive for quite a while. We'll see how it goes! ha.ha.

April 15, 2011 | Registered CommenterAHPCH

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