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Guest Bedroom Inspiration

A while ago I took you on a tour of my "needs a lot of work" guest bedroom; however, I didn't get the chance provide a detailed description of the inspiration board that I will be using for the room.  Since I figure some of you may be wondering where you can find the items I mentioned, I thought a follow-up post would be nice.  Here are the details on the inspiration board for my guest bedroom:

1.  The color scheme for this room will mostly follow the tones found in black-and-white photography, but will be accented by a vibrant green.  It starts with dark gray walls, similar to the Dunn Edwards shade Calico Rock (DE6229).  To make sure the room will not be too dark, furniture and fabrics will remain white and beige.  This will provide adequate contrast to the darker shade on the wall.  Accents of black and green will be used as the finishing touch within this scheme.  If you plan on using this scheme for a space in your home, be sure to test out the colors to see how the will look in your particular room.  Every room has unique lighting that will emphasize different hues at various times throughout the day.  You can request a sample of this paint color here.

2.  Because my guest room is only 10'x12' the bed will be the primary focal point within the room.  Using an upholstered headboard in this room will add elegance, and will soften the darker tones throughout the space.  This queen-size bed from JC Penny is priced at $549.00.  I will be saving up for this particular model, or looking for a similar model for a cheaper price.  As long as the lines, color, and size are appropriate for the room, substitutions can be made for any piece.

3.  The Norrsten cabinet from Ikea is actually intended to serve as a buffet in a dining room, however, because it is only a little over 16 inches wide it will work well in my guest room.  Because of the limited size within the room, a standard dresser depth of around 24 inches would not leave much walking room around the bed.  This cabinet, priced at $399.00 will provide the storage that I need, without taking up too much space within the room.

4.  The Besta Burs desk from Ikea will serve as a dressing table for my guests.  Priced at $249.00, with dimensions of 70"x15" this desk will provide enough room to spread out jewelry, makeup, and the like.  The clean lines of this desk will maintain the contemporary feel that I am aiming for.

5.  These ivory curtains from Overstock.com ($89.99) are the perfect length for my guest bedroom because of the 9 foot ceiling.  You might remember the 94 inch curtains I purchased from Ikea that were actually six inches too short. (You can read about how I added length to these curtains, here.)  To avoid running into the same issue, I now look for curtains that are at least 102 inches long.  Because the walls in the guest room will be painted gray, and because the bedspread will have a floral pattern, I chose to go with a solid ivory curtain, without a pattern.  This will provide cohesion, rather than competition.

6.  Old-fashioned black-and-white photographs were the true inspiration for this space.  I plan to find images from, or depicting, the 1920's and 1930's.  I imagine both grid and asymetrical arrangements on various walls, but each arrangement will be determined once the furniture is in place.

7. This rug from Homedecorators.com will add texture and line to the space.  The soft gray color will compliment the color scheme by falling within the same monochromatic family of the wall color.  The 5x9 make of this rug is priced at $149.00.

8.  The Alvine duvet set from Ikea, priced at $39.99 will provide a casual, yet elegant feel to the room.  The dark gray pattern, offset by the white background sets the scene for the other elements throughout the space.

9.  To add some light, line, and form to the space, the Mariposa table lamp from Z Gallerie was chosen for inspiration.  Priced at $139.00, it's a bit expensive, but I will use it as a reference.  I may wind up refinishing some older lamps to create this look, or finding a set of lamps, like these found on a window shopping spree, at Ross or TJ Maxx.

10.  Since Alvine only comes with two pillow-cases, additional pillows, in various sizes, textures, and colors will be needed to liven up the bedding.  These pompom pillow covers from West Elm, priced at $19.00 have great texture, yet are simple enough to fit appropriately with Alvine.

11.  This ottoman from Amazon.com will serve as my inspiration for the seating needed for the dressing table.  I would like the ottomons to have storage incorporated in them, so that blankets and other items can be stored out of site.  The price for this ottoman is $112.00, which may be a bit out of range for me, considering I may need three of them.  However, I may wind up finding cheaper ottomans and discount fabric so I can create the same look for less money.

12.  Because this room will blend the old and the new, contemporary accessories will act as the glue that holds the two styles together.  This clock from West Elm, priced at $34.00, brings a pop of green, as well as contemporary lines.  I plan to place it on a small stack of books, on either the night-stand or dressing table.

13.  Everyone knows I love tulips by now, so of course my guest bedroom will have some sort of tulip arrangement.  I plan to make this arrangement myself using artificial flowers from Michaels, and a glass vase from Ross or TJ Maxx.

Well there you have it.  Now you know what I will be referencing each time I make a move to tackle the guest bedroom.  If you'd like to see more inspiration boards, check out the Inspiration Center, and if you still can't find inspiration for your space, take a look at my Available Services. 

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