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To the Man Cave!

When I was younger I was a huge fan of the TV series Batman.  I loved the intro when large images flashed the words, POW!....WHAM!....BAM!....CRUNCH!  Then the show would begin and Robin would say, "Holy ten toes, Batman!" and Batman would say, "To the Batcave!"

Well, the show has long gone off the air, and the Batcave is no more, but since today is Super Bowl Sunday I thought it would be fun to create a Inspiration Board in honor of a different kind of cave--the man cave!

Today many of you sat down and watched the big game.  Some of you were routing for the Steelers and some for the Packers.  Since the Packers ultimately went home with the pride and glory, this post is for all Packers fans who, with a new sense of team spirit, returned to your homes and decided to convert your guest bedroom, home office, or even your garage into a well-deserved Packer's shrine.

If you're a Packers fan and are thinking of dedicating a room of your house entirely to your team spirit, here are some ideas to show your love without overpowering the space. 

  1. The color scheme for this room becomes simple when using the colors of your favorite team.  To anchor the room, use a soft-yellow-toned beige for the walls, and accent furniture pieces with black.  This will allow you to play up the stronger colors for your favorite team through the use of fabrics and accessories.
  2. Find a sofa in a size that fits your space, and make sure it's comfortable for watching the big game.  Priced at $1,845.00, this sofa from csnstores.com combines black leather and chrome to create a masculine look.
  3. Don't be square!  You can still have a pull off a masculine look if you use some soft edges.  This round wicker coffee table from allcoffeetables.com is priced at only $99.00.  Not only does will it break up the rectangular lines of the space with its curves, the soft yellow tones of the wicker provide a nice contrast to the darkness of the sofa and the rug.
  4. Add some art to the space by displaying your collection of sports memorabilia.  Items such as autographed photos, encased footballs, jerseys, etc. can add a pop of color while complimenting your overall theme.  Don't have a collection?  You can purchase items like the photo featured here at sites like sportsmemorabilia.com.
  5. Your man cave will not feel very manly if you don't use masculine prints and fabrics.  Be sure to use patterns that are geometric and offer strong lines.  This pillow was found in a private shop on Etsy.com and is priced at $34.00.  Etsy is a great place to find hand-made, one-of-a-kind items that can spruce up your home.
  6. Don't overthink accessories.  Try a glass container filled with your favorite candy that falls within your color scheme.  It's a great way to add color and to entertain your guests!
  7. Pay tribute to your team but don't go overboard.  No one will enjoy a space that is over done, so use accessory items to bring in the logos you admire.  This pillow was found at fansedge.com and currently sells for $24.99.
  8. Don't forget about the colors you bring in with the large furniture items in the space. Since the sofa is black use black picture frames for all artwork and bring in black accessorie items like this lamp from cb2.com, which sells for $99.95.
  9. Use a rug to ground the space and provide a foundation for your design.  Because you are using patterns on the pillows and possibly other fabrics throughout the space, be sure that your rug compliments these patterns.  Depending on how bold your pattern choice is on your other textiles use the pattern or texture of the rug to offset the other patterns.  This rug from crateandbarrel.com, priced at $249.00, provides texture but no pattern which allows for a more vibrant pattern on the throw pillows.
  10. Be sure to spread your color scheme evenly throughout your space.  If one side of the room is looking too "green" add some yellow accent pieces, like these curtains from overstock.com, priced at $49.99.  The soft line pattern on these curtains adds more detail and energy without competing with other textiles in the room.

I hope you all had a good Super Bowl Sunday!  Were you cheering for the Packers of the Steelers?  What were some of the festivities of the day?  Leave a comment telling us how you celebrated.


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So glad you stopped by! I love comments (otherwise it just feels like I'm talking to myself, haha)! Your link definitely looks like something my readers might like. You might add a comment to the "You Light Up My Life" post. It's one of my most popular posts (traffic wise), so you might get a few more click-overs.

xo, Kelli

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