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Valentine's Day: Inspiration Board  

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Because it is the day of X's and O's I thought it would be fun to post an Inspiration Board for a romantic retreat!  Inspiration for this board came from this bouquet of flowers:

Often, we forget that beautiful color schemes have already been planned by mother nature.  (And by a talented florist somewhere out there!)

Inspiration Board 1003:

If you are using this board to pull off a romantic retreat that's loaded with color, here are a few tips:

  1. This color scheme was derived from the floral arrangement above.  It features deep reds, bright fuchsia, vibrant green, and reflective materials found in glass and mirrors.  Use an accent color of white on baseboards, trim, and some material elements to provide an anchor for this room.  Keep the walls of this room painted with a neutral color that doesn't compete with your color scheme, yet highlights and contrasts each color of the scheme in a unique way.  A color similar to Dunn Edwards, Watermist (DE6240) or Latte Froth (DE6239) would look soothing and elegant, while allowing the colors of your fabrics to take center stage.  You can order samples of these paint colors by clicking here.
  2. Bright red wall accessories will be the "cherry on top" for this romantic space.  Our minds associate the color red with passion and beauty, but, we can also tend to associate this color with anger and violence so you have to be careful.  The key to using this color successfully is to use it in conjunction with other colors that promote relaxation and happiness...aka green and yellow...and to use this color to create focal points throughout the room.  This mirror from Plantation sells for $295.00 and is 32 inches in diameter.  This definitely would be the splurge item if you get this particular mirror, but keep your eyes peeled at stores like Ross, Home Goods and TJ Maxx because you might be able to find a similar item with a smaller price tag.
  3. You can unite most of the colors of this scheme with this rug from Pier 1 Imports.  The only color that it does not include is fuchsia, but that color can be tied in through your artwork and other accessories.  This rug sells for about $400.00 on average, but is currently on sale for $300.00.  I chose this rug because of the colors it included, but also because the print was large, rather than tiny and busy.  If you are looking for a similar rug be sure to match up those two qualities (color combination and print size) and you can't go wrong.
  4. To create a look of elegance use an upholstered headboard, like this one from JC Penny.  This headboard typically sells at $759.00-$999.00 but is currently on sale for $379.00-$499.00 depending on the size of bed.  Using an upholstered headboard with a bright color within your scheme is a great way to make the bed a focal point within the room.  After all...it is a bedroom...shouldn't the bed steal the show?
  5. You have a lot of options within this scheme when it comes to curtains.  Depending on your space, choose a solid color within the red, yellow, fuchsia, or green scheme.  You should choose the color of the drapes depending on the distribution of colors throughout your room.  In other words, if you need more yellow accents to balance out the scheme, then these curtains from K-Mart might just do the trick. They sell for $7.19, but you will need to be sure to check the length.  Since you can hang the curtain rod higher than the top of the window (this adds the illusion of height) you want to make sure that the curtains can still extend all the way to the floor.  If the curtains do not reach the floor you can extend them with more fabric using this method.
  6. Add this chandelier from West Elm ($259.00) and your room will take on an entirely different feeling.  Chandeliers can often serve as the jewelry of a space, yet we as homeowners often overlook them when it comes to designing our spaces.  If you are not in an area where ceiling fans are a definite must, use this chandelier above the bed to highlight the elegance of your room.
  7. These lamps from csnlighting.com ($187.00) will add a bit of sparkle to this room.  As light enters during the day, and as the lamps are turned on at night, the reflection off the glass will add just the right level of elegance to make the space inviting and warm.  The glass of these lamps also will play off of the characteristics of the mirror you've used for your wall accessory.
  8. Use art throughout the space to highlight the various colors of your scheme.  This piece from Lynn Margeaux's Imagekind gallery uses red and fuchsia to depict a cardinal.  Since I'm from AZ, I couldn't resist a cardinal (yep, I'm a Cardinals fan), especially when it fits my color scheme.  Prices vary on this piece depending on size and finish options.  You can check it out here.
  9. These containers are not from a particular store, but I included them to show an example of the types of accessories you can use throughout the space to tie in your color scheme.  I recommend printing out a copy of your color scheme once you have decided the one you like.  This way you can keep the copy with you when you are shopping.  If you find an item that you like and it falls within your scheme...bingo!
  10. Find a good variety of pillows like this one and this one from Pier 1 Imports ($19.96 / $11.98), and  thesefrom JC Penny's ($23.99).  There are so many places to find decorative pillows, so be sure to look around for the textures and color combinations you like.
  11. Keep your linens simple, but with a nice texture.  This quilt set from Amazon.com ($85.90) comes in soft golden ivory color that will enhance and contrast the brightness of the green headboard, as well as your accent pieces throughout the room.

To anyone who uses this board to inspire your space, best of luck!  Remember to consider each piece carefully since this room should project a feeling of calmness and serenity. 

Please remember to always send me some photographs of your completed room to my email address, ahappyplacecalledhome@gmail.com and be sure to reference Inspiration Board 1003. Your room may be featured on my blog!


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I appreciate all tips to create romantic board with nice color....Thanks

April 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCurio cabinet lights

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