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Doodle Ornaments

Happy Friday Everyone!

It's been a crazy few weeks, to say the least...and in the span of the past 14 days, I've hit a few landmark moments of my life.  Let me fill you in...

First, I aged a full year.  Yep, I took the plunge from 27 to 28...inching 1 year closer to leaving my twenties behind.  Even though a part of me rebels when it comes to the thought of getting older, another part of me looks forward to all of the things I have yet to see within my lifetime, so I guess you could say I'm learning to deal with the fact that life only moves forward, not backward.

The other big events in my life actually took place on the same day, December 7th.  Not only did December 7th mark the 1 Year postiversary of this blog (you can see my very first blog post here), it also was the day that I hosted an open house for my department at my corporate job.  It's difficult to describe why that might be such a big thing for me (considering I don't really release details about where I work), but let's just say it was a big deal.  It was the first of it's kind, and I had a lot of fun planning the event and putting some "Kelli touches" on the decor to make the event a bit more festive. 

The only downside is that all of the planning for the open house had me so exhausted by the end of the day that I didn't have energy to post about these exciting moments until today.  I've been so tied up with everything else that's been going on that I've neglected to share these fun happenings as they were happening.

Gosh, I'm such a terrible blogger sometimes, but let me make amends...

I've been anxious to share some of the decorations I put together for the open house, and how they were created.  I'll be sharing them over the next few days, but I just had to start with these adorable chalkboard ornaments I made for the little Christmas trees we had on display.

I think this would be a great project to try with kids because it's easy, inexpensive, and gives them room to be creative.

Can you believe these little guys started out like this?

I found these wooden stars for $1.50 per pack of 8.  Each pack came with two different sizes of ornaments, which I thought was perfect because it added some variety.

However, one thing the stars didn't come with were drilled holes...so I had to take care of that myself.

Once the holes were drilled, I used some of the extra chalk-board paint from this project, and painted three coats on each ornament.

I found it helpful to keep the ornaments on wax paper so I could move them around easier.  I had about three sheets, so I let one sheet dry while I painted the stars on another.  The paint seemed to dry pretty quickly, so it didn't take long to get all three coats on.

Next came the ribbon, and I had to get creative...

I've mentioned before that "high tech" around here simply means getting creative with a paperclip, and sadly nothing's changed.  I found it easiest to pull the ribbon through the hole if I used a paperclip as a hook.

Then I simply tied a knot in the ribbon, trimmed any excess, and had some fun drawing stripes and snow on my brand-new ornaments!

All-in-all, this project only took me about three hours, and most of that was due to the waiting time between coats of paint.

For the open house, I actually wrote various words (that were applicable to the event) on the ornaments.  This actually gave me the idea that these little guys could also be used as gift-tags too, which is what I think I'll wind up using them for in the near future.

So what do you think?  Personally, I'm still caught up in the chalk-board-band-wagon.  I just think it's fun to be able to write little notes on things you wouldn't typically write on.  

Tomorrow, I'll post about the centerpieces I created using $.99 silk flowers from Michaels, jars I already owned, and some Christmas lights.  Again, a simple creation with a powerful punch!


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So fun!

December 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

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