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Jar O' Cookies

So, I feel a little bad that my sister and her husband got Mark and I such a nice gift...especially since one of the gifts we gave them was just a jar of cookies.  Sure, it's cute with the bow and all, but that gift card to Ikea, and Mark's gift card to Guitar Center, plus all of the goodies they tucked inside the jar filled with Lucky Charms made their gift A+ material.  Compared to theirs, I would say this jar of cookies is more like a B-, since it was so dang easy to put together.

Pretty much all I had to do was bake some cookies...put them in a jar...and tie a bow....

I did bake two different types of cookies though, so maybe that brings it up to a wholesome B...possibly on the edge of a B+ since one of those types included peanut butter (and my brother-in-law loves peanut butter).

I thought the jar was pretty cool too.  It's perfect for the holiday season when the giving of baked goods is so common.  Plus, it would even work well for all of the family get-togethers that are held during the holidays.

Well, it's still a cute gift...but I think the next time I do this I'll give it more as a party favor or hostest gift for someone who is throwing a holiday party.  

I'm going to be taking some pointers from my sister and her husband when it comes to the artistic nature of giving gifts.  If you missed the post about what they gave us, you can check it out here.  But all I can say is, "Game on, Sis...game on!"  A creative-gift-giving-challenge has just begun!


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As someone that didn't have two nickels to rub together this fall I ended up giving homemade gifts. For my sister and her daughters, I make jewelry holders out of nice but old picture frames I purchased at the Goodwill. My mother got a wreath I made via inspiration at "Corner House". My mother-in-law recieved a bottle of Blackberry Cordial that I started in August with a nice but thrifted through the Goodwill decanter. PLEASE remember it is the thought that counts, not the gift itself and if you feel that your present isn't up to par then try giving something to go with it - say take her to lunch once a month or do something for her such as show up and clean or do some yardwork. There are lots of ways to show your love without spending a lot of money.
Thanks for the house listing number - I'm going to check that one out. We have kicked around the idea of leaving Western PA and relocating due to simply being unhappy here. The house hasn't panned out the way we hoped, work didn't, school hasn't for my daughter, and neither side of family has for any of us.
Thanks for the great blog to help me escape for a while.


December 31, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMaureen

Hey Maureen,

Sorry that's I'm just now replying to your comment. I've been running all over town the last few days...(Craigslisting, whoop!). But I just wanted to thank you for your comments. You're always so reassuring!

I definitely agree that handmade gifts can be just as good as store bought (and often are better)...plus, for me, there's nothing like seeing someone's reaction when they open a gift that I made. It's just not the same when it's something that I bought.

Sorry that PA hasn't been what you expected. I've never lived anywhere but AZ, but if you're thinking of relocating here, that house is listed in a really good area. It's close (but not too close) to the major freeways...plus Tempe is pretty central to all of the various suburbs of the Phoenix-metro area. If you purchased in that area, you can easily access all of the amenities of the various suburbs (Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, etc).

If you do relocate to AZ, be sure to plan for the heat though! Summers can get a bit crazy around here...but this time of year is beautiful! Still wearing shorts! Ha!

xo, Kel

January 1, 2012 | Registered CommenterAHPCH

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