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A Muffin-Themed Gift Basket

Lately, I've been going through the Desperate Housewives series on Hulu, and for some reason this last gift basket that I put together reminds me of Bree Van de Camp.  I could picture her carrying it down the lane with her prestigious walk to welcome new neighbors to the lane.

Then again, Bree would probably make the muffins, rather than just give the ingredients...hmm, maybe it's not a Bree Van de Camp basket after all.

Oh well, I guess it will just have to be a Kelli Uhrich basket, and I carried it from my house to my parents house to wish them a Merry Christmas.

Usually, when I make a gift basket I start with gathering the contents, and then I find a basket that will hold them all.  Not this time.  I came across this basket (it's actually a magazine holder) as I was shopping for other Christmas gifts and I absolutely fell in love with it!

I knew it was the perfect basket, so all I needed to do was find the perfect contents to go inside.

When I found these jars that fit perfectly inside, I knew they were winners!

Since I gave them a pancake-themed gift basket last year, I thought it would be fun to go with another breakfast item...and muffins seemed to be a good fit.  So, I rounded up some muffin mixes, some jams, and even a bit of chocolate...and to add a bit of color, I found a set of Christmas plaid napkins that I thought were cute.

I started by opening up the muffin mixes and pouring the contents into the jars.  I found that the jars took two mixes each, and could have probably held three...but I only had two.

My original plan was to include some hot chocolate mix inside the basket...but somehow I forgot that the blueberries / cranberries come in a little can that's tucked inside the box.  It was a major "duh" moment when I opened up the first mix.  

And so, the hot chocolate got nixed since there wasn't enough room in the basket to hold both.

I experimented with placing the cans separately throughout the basket, but it didn't look right...so ultimately I wound up wrapping all four cans in one of the napkins, and tying it off with ribbon.  I was happy with the results.

For the jams, I found these cute snowman spoons.  I wanted to display them up-right at the front of the basket, so I decided to attach them to one of the remaining napkins.

First, I rolled all three napkins up, and tied them with ribbon...

Then I used one to hold the spoons, and just tucked the other two napkins to fill in gaps between the items in the basket.  This actually helped to keep the items from crashing into each other as the basket traveled too.

For the instructions, I thought about typing them up on a cutesy card...but then I started thinking that would be silly.  The box already had step-by-step instructions, so why re-invent the wheel?

...and so, I simply cut out the instructions, and trimmed them to a nice square...

...Then I wrapped them with left-over gift-wrap, and made them into labels for the mixes...

When they were all wrapped up, I just slipped them behind the jars that they belonged to.  But, the key is to tell the receiver of the basket where the instructions are so that they don't accidentally throw them away.

So that's my muffin-themed gift basket.  Tomorrow I'll share the cookie-themed gift that I gave, so be sure to stop by!


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I just wanted to wish you and Mark the best year ever in 2012. Sometime I'll have to tell you about all the pets we have.


December 30, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMaureen

I'd love that!

bfn, k

December 31, 2011 | Registered CommenterAHPCH

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