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We Enjoyed the Holidays

I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to leave the holiday season behind.  For some reason, it feels like the holidays just flew by (maybe that's because I just put my Christmas tree up a few weeks ago), and I can't get my head around the idea of starting all over with a new year. Can't we just put off 2012 for a little bit longer?

Mark and I spent Christmas day with his family, then took a little trip to my hometown to spend time with my family.  All-in-all it was a good holiday filled with fun.  Here's a pic of Mark using some of his new Christmas gifts...

If you couldn't guess, he got a lot of flashlights...many of which were on head-bands so that he can work on projects hands-free.  The best thing about it was the fact that he has a project he's working on right now that requires some time up in the attic, so those head-band flashlights are more helpful than Santa even realized!  I'll be sharing more details on this project once it's finished, but all I'll say for now is that I've very, very excited about it!

Another gift that both Mark and I enjoyed was the creative gift-card presentation that was given to us by my sister and her husband.

Yes friends, that is an entire canister filled with Lucky Charms (yum), and it just happened to be loaded up with other goodies too!


We got to dig through the Lucky Charms to find all of the goodies they had placed inside.  Some of those goodies included nail polish, key chains, mints, a Guitar Center gift-card for Mark, and an Ikea gift card for me. 

Plus, we still get to eat the Lucky Charms, and use the canister as decoration in our home!  Talk about giving gift cards with style!  

Another cute gift that I wanted to share with everyone was something that was given to my by my manager at work.  Look at how crafty she is...

She used one of those plastic picture frames and scrapbooked a sticky-note holder.  I thought it was such a great idea, and very practical too!  I go through sticky notes like water in the desert, so I will definitely put it to good use.  My manager even knows me well enough to ask me what colors I plan to decorate my desk with...to which I responded, "I'm going with yellow this time around"...and as you can see, she made mine in yellow so that it will match the color scheme as I decorate my little cube.  I love it!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the holidays!  Did anyone receive some creative gifts like these?  Please feel free to share, and even link us up to photos.

Tomorrow I'll be posting a tutorial for the gift basket I made for my mom, and this weekend I'll catch everyone up with some of the things I've failed to post since I was so busy with the open house at work, and the holidays.  I've made a few purchases, and I've got a few ideas for how to use leftover wrapping paper

PS...sorry, a lot of these photos were taken on my cell phone, so they're a bit out of focus.  Hope they weren't too blurry.  Thanks for stopping by!


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