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An Ornament's Worst Nightmare

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, or enjoy other holidays throughout this season, I hope this time of year has brought happiness into your life through the spirit of giving.  It really is "the most wonderful time of the year," and the "hap-happiest season of all,"...well, unless you're a part of the crowd that was fighting over the new Michael Jordan sneakers the other day.  Yikes!  I guess things got a little ugly down at the malls yesterday, so I hope you're all safe and sound.

Anyhoo...it took me a long time to finally get my Christmas tree up this year, and honestly, there was a part of me that considered if it was even worth the effort.  This post might give you an idea as to why...

You see, there's an ornament-killing-monster that shows up around Christmas time each year and vandalizes my Christmas tree.  What's worse is the fact that this monster lives with me...even eats at my table (well, more like my laundry room floor), and sleeps under my roof.  

See what I'm talking about?  Check out those monster claws and how they made mince-meat out of his shiny prey!  But he has no conscious.  He doesn't even care.

In fact, I'm pretty sure he has no heart.  Just look at that scheming expression on his face!  He's probably choosing his next victim as we speak.  He thinks it's all a big game--but it's not--and my question is how many good ornaments have to die before a peaceful resolution can be found?

Well, I hope your ornaments are safe-and-sound this holiday season.  Does anyone else have an ornament-killing-monster in their home?  I sure hope not!

So what are your holiday plans?  Is anyone traveling?  Mark and I will be spending Christmas day with his family, and then visiting my family the day after Christmas.  Then, once we're through the holidays, I've got plans to start piecing together my studio!  Should be fun!


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