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$12 Festive Centerpieces

Back in the day I was never really one who invested a lot into seasonal decor.  It's not that I didn't like feeling festive, it was simply because I couldn't find a way to justify spending money on something that would only be used for six weeks each year.

I must admit, I still tend to think that way sometimes, but I'm happy to report that the thrifter in me has finally conquered the bah-humbug-scrooge that makes little effort to show holiday spirit.  That's right, victory is mine (and it comes with a very small price-tag)!

So, here's what finally won the battle for me...

It's a small, yet genius concept that getting festive doesn't mean you have to shop, shop, shop, and then figure out where to store everything later.  In fact, what works best for me is using things that I already have around the house, but adding a few small touches to make them more festive.

For example, take these centerpieces...

All together I spent $12.00, and I was able to make three of the larger pieces (like the one on the left) and three of the smaller pieces (like the one on the right).  A total of six pieces, for around $2 a piece...not too shabby, if you ask me!

It all was made possible because of a sale at Michaels.  How is a crafty lady, like myself, supposed to resist $.99 bundles of silk poinsettias?  It's just impossible!  So I picked up 12 bundles...hence the $12 total cost of the project.

As for the jars, I already had them lying around the house.  The larger jars are usually found comfortably resting on the kitchen counter, holding rice, pasta, and various other food items.  The smaller jars were formerly holding jelly and jam, and other such spreads.

So, here's where this simple project started...

...start with an empty jar or vase...

...layer in one strand of clear mini-lights (make sure you leave the correct end of the strand out so that you can plug them in)...

...arrange flowers around the edge of the jar opening, and then fill in the center until the arrangement fully covers the opening...and that's pretty much it!

Here's how I used the centerpieces at the open house I mentioned yesterday...

Sorry, it's not a direct shot of the centerpiece itself, but you can see how some of the decor came together.  If you look closely on the tree, you'll also see the chalkboard ornaments I posted about yesterday too!

The thing I loved about this project is how affordable it was, and also the fact that when the holidays are over I can simply return the jars back to their original functions...which means, less to store!

Well, I hope you're getting ready for the holidays.  Has anyone already completed all of their shopping?  I haven't even started mine yet, plus I still need to put up the Christmas tree!  So much to do before Santa arrives!



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