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Ten Things For Your Table

Last month, we had some fun spending our Thursdays chatting about Halloween...but as you know, each month our theme changes.

Going again with the obvious choice, this month we'll spend each Thursday sharing ideas for one of my favorite holidays...Thanksgiving!

Personally, I love the idea of a festive table setting for this holiday...so when I stumbled upon this one I was pretty impressed. 

Yes, I love this table setting, but I have no idea where all of the pieces came from to create the look...and sometimes, when you're left with no details, you just have to find similar items to create your own version of what you see.

If you'd like to create a table setting for your guests, similar to the one above, perhaps try combining a few items like these:

Instead of the ornate chargers, try something like this from West Elm.  The elegant shape of this set will provide some visual interest to each place setting.

For the printed dishes, try these from Z Gallerie.  This set is great because it offers a few different prints, so you can mix-and-match, just like they did in the example setting.  

The example setting had a lot of dishes (they must serve a lot of pie at their Thanksgiving table!), so for the solids, try this set from Pier 1 Importers.

But don't stop there.  This setting has a cheery-sunflower theme, so pick up a few of these napkin rings from Pier 1 too!

For the glassware, try these golden stems from Z Gallerie

...and for the centerpiece, how about this vase from Crate & Barrel?  Wouldn't it be adorable filled with big, bright sunflowers?  I think so!

The example table setting also had a beehive theme, but I think it would look incredibly festive even without them.  Perhaps it's simply because I'm terrified of bees...or maybe it's just because I really like sunflowers in the fall.  Not 100% sure...hmmm...what do you think?

Now, here's a slight change.  I don't want Theme Thursdays to just be me yapping about the things that I love (since I get to do that all of the time with everything else on this blog)...I want to hear from you! I want to see the things that inspire you, and I want to hear about the ideas you all have.  So, each of my Thursday posts will now have a link party associated with them...and you know how it makes people feel when no one shows up to their party...so please feel free to link on up with your thoughts and ideas! Just click the "Add Your Link" button below.


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