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Best of Blogland: Curtain Rod Shelves & Tissue Paper Art

Is it Friday yet?  Nope, guess not.  Two more days of the daily grind, and then we move into "me time" (and for me, "me time" means crafty things!).

It's been a good week of blogging thus far, and I'd have to say that my new game plan seems to be working out pretty well.  This will be my fifth post this month, so I feel like I'm on a roll!  Five posts in five days is my new personal record!

Someday I'd love to be able to submit even more posts per week, but let's just say that's a long-term goal.  This week I just started another class in my Visual Communications program, so between work, school, and family, this ol' girl is doing what she can to keep life in balance.

Don't worry, though...I view my blog as my creative outlet, and creativity is what keeps me sane.  I love the time I am able to spend talking about inspirational project ideas and sharing my DIY adventures...but mostly, I love the interaction from you!  I'll admit, I get a little giddy whenever I see comments pop up, or emails come through because I know that we all love the same things...and that makes me pretty darn happy!

Today, we're venturing into the first "Best of Blogland" series from my Wednesday rotations.  For those of you who are wondering, Blogland is the place where bloggers live and submit content for all to read. We cast our thoughts and creativity out into the universe, and hope our neighbors will somehow stumble upon it to share with their readers.  In a way, it's almost like baking a pie for the new family that moved in down the street, or even like the neighborhood block-party.

Today's series features inspiring projects from:


All projects featured in the Best of Blogland series will be added to the Best of Blogland library, which houses tons of inspiration from bloggers around the web!  To view content in the library, you first need to register with this site, since the library is only available to site members.  For more information about membership, click here...otherwise, let's check out the projects!


I absolutely fell in love with Megan's book shelves that were made with a curtain rod and fabric.  It's so simple, yet so creative all at the same time!  

I'm thinking I might use this idea for some added storage in either my studio or a closet somewhere. Or...hmmm....what about a modified version to hold clothes in the laundry room???  I'm going to think on that for a while, but I'm loving the ideas that come to mind!

Megan showed several examples on her site for different fabric options, and each one is completely adorable.  Be sure to check out her post for the details!



I was blown away by this project because of it's simplicity!  I've always wanted to do some photos on canvas for an art display, but I could only come up with the iron-on approach (seen here).  

Sarah actually used tissue paper to print out her photo, and then used mod-podge to attach the image to the canvas.  

One word...Brilliant!!!

Please check out Sarah's post for the full description of the project!  I'm thinking this might be a perfect project for some additional art in my guest room!



I've added Megan's project to the "Thinking Outside the Box" category in the Best of Blogland library, and Sarah's project to the "Art & Accessories" category so we can always link back to their sites for creative ideas!  

Thank you ladies for your inspiring work!

PS...If you have a blog, and would like to have your project featured in the Best of Blogland series, please contact me.  I love highlighting your creativity adventures!


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