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Inspirational Spaces: I Don't Know What They're Saying

Wow!  I don't know what they're saying, but I really don't care!

Yesterday I found a link to the blog Frøken Jægers hus.  So...I can't exactly read a single word on the page (because it's in another language)..but, .the images are enough to keep me veeerrrryyyy happy!

I wish I could credit these far-away bloggers properly by giving you all a description of the background behind these photos, but I'll have to save my aspirations for becoming bi-lingual for another day.  Also, I didn't link up each photo individually because I seriously want you all to just explore the site.  These are just a few of the photos of the many inspirational images they've posted.

Check out the soft cottage style living room.  Everything looks so old, but so comfortable!

These wall displays were pretty impressive.  What a cute idea to hang art from a coat rack, and I think that cubby could be amazing!

Isn't this piano to die for?!  I am absolutely in love with the white paint and the candle sconces they've used to flank the sheet music!  Mark and I are actually considering taking the piano (that is built very much like this one) my parents have offered to give us, and I'm thinking it might look pretty spectacular with a white-washed finish. 

I also loved the soft colors...

...the vintage charm...

...and the casual, comfortable, and charming feeling of it all!

I'm sure exactly who these people are, or if they're even still blogging, but they've just become my new inspirational space this week!  If anyone can translate that would be much appreciated!

So is everyone gearing up for Halloween?   Tomorrow, for my last Theme Thursday post for October, I'll be showing you the pumpkins I created based on your votes, so that should be exciting!!  I'm sad to see the Halloween theme go, but excited about the theme for November!


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