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Soft and Blue

Happy Sunday, everyone!

How did everyone enjoy my guest blogger this past Friday?  Since that was my very first guest blog post, I was really happy with the way things turned out, and still am sending many thanks to Ronda at Batchelors Way for taking the time to stop by!

Well, the Sunday tradition on this little blog is to add to the Idea Center with a color scheme or inspiration board.  Personally, I'm a bit partial to the inspiration boards because it's like putting together a dream space every single time!

In a way, it's like the wishful thinking game I play each time I think, "what would I do with the money if I were to ever win the lottery?"  (Does anyone else play that game?)

This board is a little different than others I've done in the past.  Why, you might ask?  Well, this board is actually a one-stop-shop board!

Imagine, if you will, walking into a store and being allowed items for a one room makeover.  Picture yourself walking through each isle, loading up your cart, and heading home with everything you need to create a dream room.

Well, that's what the one-stop-shop boards are going to be like.  The benefit of one-stop-shopping is the convenience of getting everything you need all in one place.  The down-side, however, is that you can't be as picky about price when you're only shopping at one store.  Because of that, you might see some prices here that are a bit out of my typical recommendation range, but keep in mind, sometimes convenience is worth the extra pennies!

Today, our one-stop-shop comes from Pier 1 Importers...


I really can't hide the fact that I am 100% in love with cool colors, but there's something about soft blues and grays that just tickles my fancy!  It's also not very often that I recommend white walls for a room, but for this scheme, I think white walls would be a great choice.  If you absolutely have to add some paint to the walls, I'd go for a soft linen, or ivory color.  Something with a very slight hue to it, because this entire room is meant to be soft and subtle.  Other colors within this scheme will be pale blue, cream, and silver.


Use an this upholstered headboard ($450.00/King) with gathered tufts at the head of the bed.  The soft fabric creates a femine look.


For this scheme, I'm a really big fan of reflective surfaces.  This dressing table set (mirror/$180.00, vanity/$350, bench/$130) will reflect light, and is quite functional as well.  If this were a guest room, this vanity would be a nice place for your guests to prep for their day.


Technically this rug is an outdoor rug, but this is a one-stop-shop, and it was the only one that went well with the scheme.  So, I'll throw a disclaimer out there...this rug ($70.00/5x8) will work great in the room color-wise, but you may want to look for a similar rug (maybe something more soft and fluffy) for an interior space.  


I loved the soft blue trim at the top of these curtains ($40.00)!  The cream color will compliment the soft colors throughout the room, but also look for additional accents, such as cream vases, or cream mats in picture frames to tie in the off-white of the curtains.


White subtle bedding is perfect for this room because it allows the other colors of the space to stand out. This bedding set ($100.00) is also nice because it has a great texture.  The texture of the linens create interest, and when paired with the tufted headboard, the bed becomes the focal point of the room.


Use throw pillows for an opportunity to add some color on the bed.  Pair a print ($23.96) with a solid ($20.00) or two, to create the maximum effect.  There aren't many prints in textiles of this room, so go big with the pattern!


Four words...I...LOVE...THIS...LAMP! You know that I love lamps, but I really love this one ($99.00)! Everything from the base to the shade works so well within this scheme.  In fact, this is the item that I stumbled across that gave me the "I've got to create an inspiration board around this" feeling!


Accessories in this scheme should be white, cream, blue, green, and silver.  These vases, are $11.00 (set of 3) and would look great on a bedside table, shelf, or dresser!  Add some flowers for an easy way to add your green accent color too!


This mirror ($300.00) would look great over the center of the headboard! If you have a king-size bed, you may need to add some additional art pieces around the mirror to balance the look, but a queen or double bed would be the perfect size for a single mirror centered above the headboard.

Well, there's soft and blue!  I've added this board to the Inspiration Board section of the Idea Center.  For more inspiration and ideas, please feel free to browse the library (that grows a little bit each week)!


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