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Guest Post: Batchelors Way

Hello Friends!

I can't even begin to explain how excited I am about my very first guest blog feature (hence I'm posting at 6 am)!  This particular blogger holds a special place in my heart (she'll tell you why in her post), plus she's one of the inspirational people who taught me what blogging was all about!

Ronda has years more blogging experience under her belt, and she chronicles her thrifty DIY adventures over at Batchelors Way.  Trust me, thrifty means thrifty when it comes to Ronda, and she and her husband, Les, are never afraid to tackle a hands-on-project!

Well, I could go on-and-on, but here's Ronda and her inspiring work...


Hi! I'm Ronda from Batchelors Way. 
 (Little known fact Kelli is my cousin)
How about a story,
 I remember when I was a teenager and Kelli was just a cute little toddler. 
 I use to flip her over my legs and she just loved it.  
She was also very ticklish.
O.K. back to my guest post.
I'm a busy mom of six who loves to create, decorate and design with as little money as possible, 
(Because I have very little money.)
(Remember "6" kids!)
Here's what I did with a old window and wreath I got at a second hand store.
I love decorating for all holidays almost everything is from a second hand store, Dollar Store or free.
Some of my favorite space I've created in my house are my master closet.
my master bath accessories,
And my master bath remodel. 
 My husband and I redid this bath for $1200.
We are very proud of our bathroom as it has been in This Old House Magazine 
and Cottages and Bungalows Magazine.
Currently we are working on our little boys room, a Pirate Room. 
We've covered two walls with this wood like siding. 
And painted this ceiling medallion.  
We are going for a captains quarters look.
Kelli asked me to show ya some of our Halloween decorations.
  Most are collected from second hand stores or homemade.
You can see more here and find out how I did it.
It's fun to share a little about me (and Kelli) with her readers, 
she has such a great blog.
Thanks for letting me come over Kelli!
I would love to have you join me on my adventures 
in decorating and life with six kids and a budget.
Come check us out at:

Wow!  See what I'm talking about?!  Be sure to follow Ronda and her adorable family over at Batchelors Way!

Did anyone have a favorite project?  I personally love the bathroom remodel, and I can't believe how inexpensive it was!  Honestly, the ceiling compass made my arms hurt when I read about it, but it looks totally awesome...you're amazing Ronda!  Thanks again!


PS...Would you like to be featured in a guest post?  Please contact me at ahappyplacecalledhome@gmail.com so we can arrange a time and subject.  I love sharing ideas from around the blogosphere!


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Reader Comments (2)

Congratulations to Ronda's first ever guest post! I can see why she was chosen as a guest blogger here. She's got the creativity in her. Who would've thought that some of these art pieces were second hand?

October 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHalley | Brochure Printing

Isn't she great?! I love how she can turn second-hand items into pieces that look brand new!

Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Kelli

October 22, 2011 | Registered CommenterAHPCH

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