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Color Scheme: 1005

Let's all say it together..."It's about time!"

I hear ya!  Trust me, I want to make the Idea Center a one-stop-shop for inspiration, and I'm glad that I finally have a plan of attack for building up the library.  So here I am, right on schedule with this week's color scheme.

But since it's been a while since I last posted a color scheme, I'm going to change it up a bit.  In the past, I would just choose an example room and give you some suggestions on items you could use to pull off a particular color scheme.  For example, I'd say, "here's how you could make this scheme work in a bedroom."

The problem with that approach is that color schemes have so much potential, and only highlighting one type of room doesn't show the endless possibilities of a scheme.  

I don't know that I'll ever be able to show all of the possibilities of a scheme, but what I thought I'd do is show an example of the scheme in one room, and then make suggestions on how you could make the scheme work in a different type of room.  So let's take a stab at it...


This week's scheme screams sophistication, luxury, and glamour!  The cool blue and silver tones, accented by crisp ivory, and charcoal black create a high-end look that anyone can pull-off.

  1. Go dark on the walls with this scheme.  Use a color like Dunn Edwards Slate Wall (DE5797)
  2. Use a soft grey as a large accent within the room.
  3. Within this scheme, black acts as the anchor.  Use it for framing art, small accessories, curtain rods, and for large furniture pieces in the space. 
  4. White is used in this scheme to offset the darker colors.  Use white through accent pieces to soften any area that starts to feel heavy.
  5. Add a bit of monochromatic to the scheme by using a lighter tone of blue for accent pieces.


This space combines plush fabrics with bold prints, and flashy trim.  But look at this photo and imagine what could be DIY'd.  The toss pillows, side tables, lamps, art, and ottoman could all be created with just a little elbow grease!


Try this color scheme on for size in one of the most overlooked rooms of the house--the bathroom.  Let's face it, we all spend time in there, yet it's often the last place we focus on when it comes to decorating our homes.  Here are some product suggestions that will help you to give your bathroom some much needed love with this spa-like color scheme:

Lowes 24" Vanity:  $149.00


Blue Twighlight Glass / The Tile Shop:  $17.99 sqft.


Blue Moroccan Cotton Towels / Overstock.com: $22.49 (Set of 3) 


Bergmann Mirror / ZGallerie:  $399.00


 Stripe Shower Curtain / West Elm:  $39.00

I could go on-and-on, but I think you're seeing it come together.  What other items do you think would go well in this scheme?  Leave me a comment, and link them up!

Wow, that felt good!  I finally added another scheme to the library.  

Well, this week has a lot in store.  Tomorrow, I'll be posting the first Tip of the Week--inspired by one of my readers!  Just wait until you see what she put together for her friends baby shower!  

You'll also see the first posts for the Best of Blogland, Theme Thursday, and Kelli's Top-Ten go up this week.  It's going to be crazy!  Crazy-fun, that is!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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