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Great Prints For Less

Hello friends!

It's going to be a quick post tonight, but I wanted to take a few minutes to share some inspiring artwork that I've found at Imagekind.com.

If you're an artist or photographer who hasn't heard of Imagekind.com, you should really check it out. This site has become one of my favorite places to look for unique art at an affordable price, because the art is often produced by undiscovered artists.

Check out some of the cool prints you can buy from these great artists:

The Way, By:  David Cucalon

I'm such a fan of urban art!  It's inspiring to see everyday things in a different light.

Leaf Skeleton, By:  P-Rock

I love how the vein of this leaf directs your eyes across the image!

Life, By: How Pin Tang

I love how this tree is off on it's own.  This image would look great framed!

Matches, By:  David Cucalon

I love the red with the B&W here, it really makes a statement.

Starlings in December, By: Shawn H. Zimmerman

This would make a great print for Halloween, don't you think?

Yellow Bus, By: Jerry L. Berrett

The bright yellow in this image makes me cheery.  I think this would look great in a kid's playroom!

Are there any other sites that you have found that feature inspirational artists at an affordable price? Create a comment and tell us about them.  

Well, sorry for keeping this post so short.  I'm usually pretty chatty!  We're in for a busy week!  Here's what's on the agenda:

Tomorrow I'll be posting about Halloween goodie bag ideas.

Friday, I'm super-excited to feature my cousin, Ronda (from Batchelor's Way) as my guest blogger!  She's always doing creative things, and she's going to be sharing some of her latest projects with us!  I'll be getting that post up Friday morning, since I know it will be an excellent read!

This weekend I'll be carving (or painting) the pumpkin you all voted for.  So far, it's a really close call. Each of the options are receiving a fair amount of votes (probably because they're all super cute)!  The poll ends tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 20th), so be sure to cast your votes!

I'm also working on a few more articles for Sheknows.com, and I'm very excited about them.  I'm going to be featuring several bloggers who will be sharing their tips, recommendations, and ideas.  I'll definitely keep you posted! My latest article is now available, here.  It talks about prepping your outdoor space for company.

Whew!  What a week!  I hope you'll join me along the way!  Thanks for stopping by!


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