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A Birthday for Brincess!

I might be a little crazy for starting the write-up on this post at 10:35 pm, but honestly, I don't think I'll sleep another night until I tell you about Brin's birthday!

Sadly, this sweet little lady does not belong to me.  She is the pride and joy of my bestie, Jana...and somehow it's already been a year since she was born!  Where does the time go?

 Jana had the great idea to throw a Hello Kitty themed Birthday, and I chipped in with a few repurposed decorations from the bridal shower I decorated a few months back.

It was crazy how well the two ideas merged together.  In fact, it was almost like we planned it, but we really didn't.  It just worked out that the colors went really well together!

Jana found this cute Hello Kitty banner, and she found inspiration on Pinterest to make this adorable ribbon wreath...

She also had a great spread of food.  There was everything from yogurt to cake-pops, and jelly beans to chicken-salad sandwiches!  

To add a little Hello Kitty to the countertop, we used some Hello Kitty post-it notes and covered the heart art that I made for the bridal shower.  It was the easiest art project ever, but it turned out so cute!

Jana also had the great idea to use those same post-it notes to label the food items on the table...and for the finishing touches, she added Hello Kitty ribbon to the glass jars!

She also made pink and white cake-pops (which were to die for, by the way!), and she served them from pink sparkle buckets that she found in the Target $1 isle.  Great find!

 You might have noticed that this little guy looked familiar...

...it's the chalkboard that I made for the bridal shower (and am currently using here in my house), we just repurposed the writing for a Hello Kitty theme!

Before the party, Jana and I took Brin out for a little birthday photo-shoot.  On our way back in, we stopped to have a few of the images printed, and then Jana put them in a frame to display for the guests.  Super cute idea!

...and I couldn't help but show you one of my favorite shots from the photo-shoot that day...

Such a great mother/daughter photo, don't ya think?? I think so!

When we got back to the house for the party, Jana dressed Brin up in the birthday tutu I made.  It's a little scrunched up from her crawling, but I still think she rocked it like a diva!

While the adults chatted, the kids had a lot of fun in the playhouse.

...did I mention they had a LOT of fun?

...especially the birthday girl...

 ...but then she gave the sign-language signal for "it's time to eat cake," or at least I think that's what that means.  Hmmm...

...all I know is that she was happy when mom brought out the cake!

...but she noticed we were a bit off-key when we sung "Happy Birthday"...

Luckily, the cake was enough to distract her from our semi-decent singing skills!

But Brin wasn't the only one who enjoyed the cake.  Check out big-brother, Brody...

So adorable!  That's all there is to say about that!

A super big thanks goes out to Jana for letting me share these photos (and her impressive craftiness) with each of you!  I thought everything turned out so well, and it was a really good time.

Speaking of time...it's definitely time for bed!  Sweet Hello-Kitty dreams!


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