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Color Scheme: 1006

Well, the weekend's wrapping up and I really think that I need a vacation!  Or more like another staycation...

I was very busy with crafty and home-ecky things this weekend, and I'll be telling you all about them in tomorrow's post.

Since I typically post about cool neutrals in my color schemes (not sure why...guess I just like blues), I thought I'd change it up a bit today with this cheery yellow scheme.

1--For this color scheme, paint the walls a soft yellow, similar to the color shown here.  This is Dunn Edwards Spring Buttercup (DE5310), but be sure to sample it in your room because yellow can be such a tough color to work with.  Warm neutrals, like yellow are significantly impacted by the natural lighting in your space.  The same color will look completely different in your bedroom than it does in your kitchen, so paint some swatches and observe the color during different times of the day (like I did here).

2--White is your primary accent color for this scheme.  Use it on the trim, and for cabinetry, shelving, or other large furniture pieces.  You will also want to include white accent pieces in your upholstery and accessories.

3--Green is your secondary accent color for this scheme, but instead of a vibrant green, choose a green that's a bit more muted and earthy.

4 # 5--Soft blues and mauves will be the finishing touch on this scheme.  Keep the colors pale and nearly pastel to create a soothing space.  Group accent pieces together to create a focal point, or an art display.


This dining room, featured by Architectural Digest, is the perfect example of this scheme done well. Notice how the colors are in the same color value, but the hues transition seamlessly from yellow, to blue, and to mauve, leaving the white and green accents as the contrasting colors.

In this room, they did include some darker wood tones, and I think that also makes it a great example for discussion.  It shows that things don't have to be matchy-matchy.  In fact, the more layered the space looks, the more comfortable it will be.  Using the darker wood tones for the table, and also the deep oil-rubbed-bronze chandelier, keeps the space warm.


Now you've seen an example for this color scheme in a dining room, but let's change it up a bit.  Here are some suggestions for pulling off this color scheme in your home office...

If you don't have built-in bookcases or shelving, use large furniture to bring in your white accents. The Reflections Collection from Homedecorators.com is a great example.  You can use the set as a group, or simply choose pieces from the set to create the look you want.  I personally love the bookcase, and think two or three of them standing side by side could make quite the statement!

The Lynx Rug Crate & Barrel is soft and muted, and features each color from the scheme.  I personally love when I can find a rug that has all of the colors from my color scheme.  It makes it so much easier to have pieces in the room relate to one anther when you have a great foundation piece like a rug!


Bring in some color and texture with accent pieces like these Glass Buoys, from Pottery Barn ($40.00-$50.00).  Glass is a great element within any space because it reflects light and adds dimension.

Large accent pieces, like this green ceramic lamp, from Lampstore.com ($110.00), can be used to add color throughout the room.  A lamp doesn't always have to go in the obvious spot (on the desk)...instead, bring color to the other side of the room by placing the lamp on a side table, next to a lounge chair.

I love that these curtains, from West Elm ($39.00-$64.00) allow some transparency, which permits natural lighting into the room, but still offers privacy.  Plus, blue is a contrasting color to yellow, so these curtains will look great up against those creamy walls!

Do any of you have additional suggestions for products that would work well within this scheme?  How about some products that someone could use to implement this scheme in a bedroom, living room, laundry room, etc.?  Link em' up! 


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