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Easy Halloween Decor

Last week for Theme Thursday, we looked at some options for the perfect pumpkin.  This week, let's talk about some simple options for spookifying your house...and yes, I just made up the word spookifying.

We all know there is plenty of Halloween inspiration floating around on Pinterest, but hopefully I'll bring some less mentioned ideas from around the web to the spotlight tonight.

I found a whole-lotta inspiration...so, let's get started!  But before we do, I wanted to let you know that I've hyperlinked each of the images to link you back to their original source, tutorial, and additional details.

I thought this was a really cute idea.  You can keep it simple by cutting circles into the top layer, or you could make it more detailed by using a stencil to trace out and cut another shape.  I think it would be super cute to cut out pumpkin shapes for a Halloween themed runner, but you can use this idea with other holidays too.  Picture trees for Christmas, hearts for Valentine's, the new year for New Year's Eve. There's lots of potential with this idea!

I loved the combination of scrapbook paper, music sheets, and book pages to create these decorative candles.  If you like to scrapbook, these are just for you!  Even if you don't consider yourself to be scrapbook-savvy, give these a try.  Start with some decorative paper, and layer from there. 

Holy spooks!  I am soooo trying this!  This is bound to get some funny reactions from your family members and guests.  Check out the tutorial (click the hyperlinked pic) for the details on how to make this.  It looks super easy!  I'm wondering if it would work on windows too.  Hmmm...

An easy way to add some holiday decor without spending a lot of money is changing out your artwork. To keep things super-cheap, make some DIY art like these silhouette Halloween prints.  Just find an image online and trace it onto construction paper.  Cut it out, and place it in the frame.  You won't even break a sweat!

If you're feeling a bit more dangerous, give this floral witches hat a go.  Use a cone-shaped Styrofoam piece (found at craft stores), and simply stick the flowers into place.  You can also use hot-glue to secure the flowers to the cone.  Use silks for an arrangement that you want to re-use, but if you want to splurge, go fresh!  It will bring a little bit of spring into your fall!

Okay, you have to check out this tutorial (click hyperlinked pic)!  Martha's done it again!  This looks like so much fun, and I'm thinking you could use this same technique to make some really cool things. Basically, you fill a balloon with plaster, let it dry overnight, and then remove the balloon.  So cool!

If you want to give more than just a candy bar to trick-or-treaters this year, use potato stamps to make decorative goodie bags.  I'm actually going to try this out to make some holiday placemats!

These pumpkin-carved witch carosels would look great as centerpieces, or alongside the standard jack-o-lantern.  This would also be a great craft for the kids!

Do you guys have any Halloween crafts your working on?  Is Halloween one of your favorite holidays, or one of your least favorite?  I'm somewhere right in the middle.  I like Halloween decor like this, but I'm not one to really go for the gory, or the haunted.


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