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Trend Alert: I'm In Love!

Whenever I get a spare moment, I love to browse around the web to check out the latest products available to consumers for their homes.  I love these little virtual excursions because they're just for fun, and that means price is no issue.

One of my favorite places to drool is Trendir.com.  

Trendir is the place for all things modern...and when I say modern, I mean modern!  I feel like most of the items they feature on the site are so trend-forward it's like the real-life Jetsons!

I seriously could spend hours highlighting their site, but today I'll feature a few of my favorite images from my latest site safari.

Rapsel Classic Bathtub:

I'm absolutely in love with the combined curvy and straight lines on this bathtub.  It's super modern, chic, and classically elegant.  Personally, I've always dreamed of one day having a free-standing tub. Maybe if I start saving my pennies now I can buy one of these babies before I die!

Bisazza Chandelier Shower:

We've all heard when it rains, it pours; but has anyone ever heard when it rains, it sparkles?  I say, let it rain!  Though I think I would feel unworthy showering beneath these crowned-jewels each morning, I can only imagine how important it would make me feel.  In fact, I'd probably go around winning arguments just by saying, "Oh, yeah? Well, I shower beneath diamonds! Ha!"  

I know that they're not diamonds, but they might as well be.  They're pretty.  They're shiny.  Plus, they're way too fancy for the application they're designed for.  

Trissettanta Home Pod:

Seriously, do I even need to say why I love these?  Every single photo shows an entirely different, but purely awesome way that these pods can be used in your home...and I've only featured two of them here.  Check out the office pod!  These are like the adult version of a child's playhouse!

Masiero Lamps:

These pendants from Masiero are unique and stylish.  I love the way the light reflects off of the droplets to make them shine.  Plus, you can take the droplets off for an entirely different look.  Just imagine entertaining beneath these sparkling fixtures!

Kitchoo Mini-Kitchen:

Yes, please!  I'll take 10! 

These little kitchens are great for a small space, and I love how they tuck nicely away.  I don't think I'd ever tire of watching my guest's faces each time the cabinet was converted into the kitchen!  Priceless!

I'd love to have one of these at my desk at work!  How cool would that be?

Heaven Must Have Glossy Floors:

When I picture Heaven, this is what I imagine.  The photo's speak for themselves...

...check out those capiz pendants!  Love...

This room just makes me happy! (Plus, can you imagine how much crafting you could do on that long table?!  That makes me even more happy!)

Not sure who the lucky owners are for this loft, but I am 100% envious of their dashing pad!  But what about you?  Have you found any neato products that made you go, "wow!"  Tell us about them, or link them up in a comment.  You never know, you may inspire someone else's design style...so don't hold back!


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