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A Playful Nursery


Well, I didn't do so great with time management today.  I finished the board, but I'll have to check back in to this post tomorrow to write the description.

More details coming soon...sleep coming now....zzzzz.


Alright, so it's Tuesday, and I'm just getting around to posting the details for this Inspiration Board.

No, I didn't sleep from Sunday until Tuesday (though that sounds nice!), I just figured I'd use my free Tuesday to write it up so that I could focus on posting yesterday's Tip of the Week.

1.  I love this color scheme for a nursery.  It's gender friendly, meaning you could add little accents to make it more suited for a boy or for a girl, but you really could go either way with it.  It's great for anyone who is waiting to be surprised and doesn't know the sex of the baby yet!  Find a soft gray color to paint your walls.  This acts as a cool neutral within the space, and will really allow your bright accent colors of orange and lime green to shine!

2.  This crib from Land of Nod ($599.00) features straight lines that will work with many styles of design. The white paint will also contrast nicely with the gray walls.

3.  This chest from babyearth.com ($1079.00) is a bit pricey, but use it as a reference for a DIY.  Scan through Craigslist postings in your area for a chest with similar features.  Don't worry too much about finish.  A good coat of paint on any dresser will make it feel brand new!

4.  This chair from Overstock.com ($258.99) will look great in the space.  If you prefer a rocker, look for similar features, and definitely go light (preferrably white) with the upholstery.

5.  Try this rug from Overstock.com ($264.00 for 5x8) to add some energy beneath your feet.  Within this scheme, bright green sets the tone for a vibrant space!

6.  DIY some curtain panels in a bright color and bold pattern.  I love these panels from Etsy ($125.00), but the price tag is way too steep!  You can use this no-sew method for making your own curtains.

7.  This board was actually inspired by this artwork from Valentina Ramos.  You might remember this post a while back where I expressed my love for her artwork.  I vowed then to create a nursery-themed Inspiration Board based off of her prints, and here we finally have it.  I think filling a nursery with her art would be out-of-the-box, and would fill the room with unexpected colors and prints.

8.  Grab a decorative frame and make a chalkboard, like this one from Etsy ($174.00).  Personally, I think it's crazy that the asking price is $174.00 from this shop, especially when you could make one yourself with this frame from Ikea, a can of spray paint, and some chalkboard paint for less than $50.00.  My opinion, don't buy--DIY (put that on a bumper sticker)!

9.  These owl bookends from Pottery Barn Kids ($30.00 for the set) tie in great with the owl artwork and the color scheme.  They're also a great way to add some organization for your tot's favorite reads.

10.  Place a bright pillow on the chair within the room, like this one from Etsy ($22.95).  A monogram is a great way to add a personalized touch to any space.

11.  This lamp from Lamps Plus ($176.91) is super-playful, and super-fun!  Look for similar lamps at TJ Maxx, Ross and Home Goods, or even look for lamps to refurbish at second-hand stores.  If you can't find a good replica, I say splurge!  I love this lamp!

12.  These decorative balls ($4.95-$9.95) add cheerful pops of color without breaking the bank.  You could also create DIY'd versions using styrofoam, or wood. 

So what are your thoughts?  Is anyone out there planning a nursery?  What colors/themes are you doing?  Leave a comment to share/link up to pics, or send an email to ahappyplacecalledhome@gmail.com.  I love to see what you're all up to!

PS...to see more Inspiration Boards, check out the Idea Center/Inspiration Boards

PSS...don't forget to vote for my pumpkin, voting is open until October 20th!


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