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Words, Words, Words...

Lately, I've been noticing that much of my time has been spent on words.  I take words and I turn them into sentences.  I take sentences and I turn them into paragraphs.  I take paragraphs and I turn them into text messages, emails, school papers, and blog posts.  Words, words, words...

Since so much of my time has been spent writing, I thought it would be fitting to dedicate a post entirely to some ideas I've had for using words as wall art in my home.

In my house there is a wall.  That's not really saying much...there are many walls in my house (or else it wouldn't be a house)...but this wall is, well...let's just say, complicated. 

 When I took this picture I was sitting on the sectional that we have in our family room.  This is the outside view of the guest bathroom wall, and as you can see it has the potential to become a focal point of the family room and other areas of the house.

My challenge for this wall is creating an art arrangement that will work well with the existing "accessories" (thermostat, light switch, and doorbell enclosure) that I'm sure the builder placed strategically to destroy all hopes of a grid arrangement.

The good news is that I have several other walls in my house that can accommodate a grid arrangement, which means an asymmetric arrangement will be quite refreshing in the overall scheme.

So here's the idea I've been rolling around in my mind...

Have you ever heard of wordle.net?  If you haven't you should check it out!  Wordle.net is a website that allows you to enter in text from speeches, quotes, scripture, or even just you're own thoughts and "randomize" the words into word clouds. 

What I would like to do for this wall is create a "wall wordle" using cut out, painted letters of different sizes and thicknesses to create depth and texture.  Today I spent some time playing at wordle.net to come up with some possible arrangements and here are the ones I liked best:

 There were a lot of other arrangements that I created, but these were my top three.  Why these words, you might ask? I just started typing things I would like to fill my home with.  Music, for example, is because Mark loves to play the guitar and write music in his free time.  Creativity, on the other hand is for me. 

Some words that I forgot, but will most likely add:  laughter, inspiration & hope.  Can you think of any other words that describe things you would like to have in your home?

Now that I see all three arrangements together, I think that I'm leaning toward the second arrangement...so imagine my wall like this:

 What do you think?  Not too shabby, huh? 

My next step will be to play around with the colors until I find the right blend within the color scheme of the room.  Once the plans have been finalized it's off to get the materials and get to work!

While I was playing with the arrangements on wordle.net, I thought it might be fun to see what some of my previous blog posts looked like as wordles.  Here are some that I came up with:


If you're curious about which post these wordles were created from, click on any of the images and they will link you back.

Feel inspired to create your own word cloud art?  Wordle.net does not charge for any of the images generated and they even allow you to use the images you create for resale purposes.  These word clouds would be great for creating cards, framed art, T-shirts, and other accessories!

If you've created a fun project using word clouds, send an email to ahappyplacecalledhome@gmail.com.  Your project may be featured on my blog!

As always, wishing you the best from,


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